Commercial photography covers a wide range of topics and subjects. From a studio headshot, event photography, property photography and everything in between we can help!

Each project or job is very different from each other, but all require the same amount of attention to detail.

Commercial Headshot

A decent headshot is a must. In this day and age, our online presence is so important and first impressions count. It is almost inexcusable to ‘make do’ with a selfie or a badly cropped ten year out-of-date photo, so having a clear image of yourself is the next best thing to an ‘in-person’ introduction.Its important to set the right tone. If you’re a physiotherapist you’ll most likely need to be more serious than a creative field like artist or sculptor. We know that ‘people buy people’, so we’ll get it right for you!If the thought of having your entire workforce or team out of action fills you with fear, not only because of the logistics and time out, please don’t worry! We can come and set-up our studio at your premises to photograph everyone at the same time ensuring consistency throughout. We often see ‘about us’ pages strewn with various sized photos both in black and white and colour, everyone facing different directions and wearing different styles of clothes – and it doesn’t look very professional. Setting the tone of your business and getting these key details right will make sure you are giving a great impression.More examples of our Commercial Headshots and Portraits can be seen here.
Image of woman with glasses, grey hair and colourful dress

Headshots and environmental headshots taken for Coole Bevis for both social media and website use

Portraits don’t always have to be close-ups and posed, they can be a more relaxed and candid for use for use on social media.

Event Photography

Event photography has really picked up again this year due to the pandemic either postponing or cancelling events for over 2 years. It’s also really highlighted the importance of capturing memories! 

We photograph events for companies large and small, and also work with charities. No matter the scale, we can help you in documenting the day through candid shots or a ‘photo-booth’ style setup. Our services can also include printing on-site!

We’ve shot many lovely events over the years, to see more examples photos see our Event Photography page here

Speech by a woman

Last month we were lucky enough to shoot a fund raising event for the Alzheimer Society – here is one of the shots of the organises after talking to those attending about the importance of the charity and how many lives it changes. 

Women at wedding

From the shame event as above. We were also holding a ‘photo booth’ style shoot selling prints on demand and raising money for the charity on the day.

Property Photography

If you’re an architect or builder trying to show off your work or a homeowner looking to sell, rent or list your property on sites such as AirBnB, it is important to have good quality photos. 

We shoot all of our properties using a process know as HDR. HDR photographer requires us to take 3 photos: one over exposed, one properly exposed and one under exposed. In post we stitch these exposures together making the final product. We do this because it shows off your property in the best way possible.

To see more examples of our property photography, go to out Property Photography page here.

Luxury bath tub in bathroom

Photo from a recent shoot where a contractor was looking to showcase their companies handiwork in this beautiful bathroom.

Bright room with table, chair and bookshelf

This shot shows why HDR is so important. With the bright sunbeams in the room it would be impossible to showcase both the room and whats outside the window at the same time with traditional photography.  

Commercial photography covers many different genres and use-cases and as such it can be overwhelming. To make it easier we have split commercial work into three main categories: HeadshotsEvents and Properties

You can book us for any number of these if required. To see more on all of these categories follow the link below.