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Professional headshot photographers in Brighton providing high-quality portraits for business and personal use

Good headshots help to add an additional level of professionalism to you and your business, so choosing the right headshot photographer to capture you is important decision. A successful headshot will also convey your personality before someone meets you, so it’s essential to get it right.

With all our headshot photography packages, we use clean backdrops for a professional look. We have a range of backdrop colours available on request. These shots are perfect for a LinkedIn profile, for promoting a personal event or for use within the ‘about us’ section of your website. They are straightforward and slick. In addition to different backdrops, we also ensure the lighting suits your particular needs which can change the mood of your shot.

In our middle and higher tier packages, we offer headshots on location. Location shots can be in your offices or any outdoor location. On these shoots, we have the chance to be a little bit more creative to let your personality shine through.

Portrait & Headshot Photography Reviews

Nick Ford is a very experienced headshot photographer based in Brighton, who has helped many customers to achieve their perfect portraits for both business and personal use. Here are just a handful of the reviews Nick has received for his headshot photography serviceIf you’re looking to hire an experienced headshot photographer in Brighton, please contact our office for further details on how we can help you. Please email us at studio@nickfordphotography.co.uk or complete the ‘contact us’ field.
Studio Headshot
  • Ideal for websites and social media profiles such as LinkedIn
  • Up to half an hour studio shoot
  • Fully retouched digital image
  • £20 per each additional image
Smart Session

Ideal to add or updating and existing portfolio or a cost-effective way to start one

One optional costume change

Studio and out on location

Five fully retouched digital images

£20 per each additional image

Extensive Portfolio
  • Best value! Ideal for a complete overhaul of a portfolio or to start a full and extensive portfolio
  • Two optional studio costume changes
  • Studio and out on location
  • Ten fully retouched digital images
  • £25 per each additional image 

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