CAPOW! Superhero Experience

Millions of us – kids and adults alike – love dreaming that we have super powers. So if you’re a secret superhero, or have a passion for Cosplay, we can help turn fantasy into reality and capture it forever with our cinematic CAPOW experience.

Perfect for little Marvel fans (and big ones too) heroes can grapple and flex with a range of props, from boulders to girders and chains to shields. All in front of a range of realistic movie backgrounds. While everyone’s busy saving the world, Nick and Michael use their super-vision to find amazing poses, so every thrilling moment is saved forever.

Shoot Day

After your shoot’s finished, we will use our powers to enhance your images with all kinds of special effects, from dramatic light to extreme weather layers, so all your photos pack a punch thanks to the full Hollywood blockbuster treatment.

While you wait to see your images you’ll be able to take a stroll around Brightons North Laine or look around and experience the wonders of Paradox Place: 

“Paradox Place is full of interactive, engaging exhibits that invite you to step in and become a part of them. You will find classic illusions such as the Ames room alongside new interpretations of historical magic tricks such as Pepper’s Ghost, all set in a quirky building full of surprises.

As you step out of one exhibit and into another, you will grow bigger and smaller, become a live hologram, a kite surfer, a Punch and Judy character, an aerial artist or a skydiver!

Every corner of Paradox Place is full of family-friendly photo fun! We allow and encourage you to take plenty of photos, and our Experience Makers are on hand to help you take the perfect shot.

Your ticket allows you access to four floors of bamboozling and amusing exhibits, which you can visit and enjoy at your own pace and in your group.” 

Countdown to our next shoot

Futures dates:

Friday 1st  Saturday 2nd April

 Friday 6th Saturday 7th May

Friday 3rd Saturday 4th June

Friday 1st Saturday 2nd July

Friday 11th Saturday 12th August

Friday 30th September Saturday 1st October

Friday 4th Saturday 5th November

Friday 2nd Saturday 3rd December

Our next shoot location

Pricing & Packages 

£75 per shoot with optional packages below


  • 20 retouched digital images of your choice
  • 30×20 inch high quality canvas

Sonic Boom

  • 10 retouched digital images of your choice
  • 20×16 inch high quality canvas

Lazer Beam (10)

  • Set of 10 retouched digital images

Lazer Beam (5)

  • Set of 5 retouched digital images

X-Ray Vision

  • 5 retouched 12×8 inch prints


  • 3 retouched 5×7 inch prints