Views Over Lockdown

Nick Ford

This is one third of the group show titled 3D – with fellow photographers Rob Macdonald and Michael Stone.

I resisted temptation to roam the empty streets. I wanted to take some time to appreciate and share the fantastic and ever changing views from my vantage point above Brighton.

Artist biography

Nick Ford, Brighton born and bred, has been in the photographic industry for over 13 years. Working out of his studio in Oxford Street where he has been for six years, he photographs a variety of subjects ranging from the humble passport photo to lavish wedding. Highlights over the years have included working aboard P&O Cruises and Cunard Ships as Photo Manager, Photographing the first Gay Wedding atop the i360 and becoming an employer with the last being the best achievement ever!

And Then We Danced

Rob Macdonald

This is one third of the group show titled 3D – with fellow photographers Nick Ford and Michael Stone.

This new series for Brighton Photo Fringe 2020 offers tensions and connections between disparate images, brought together in one group. Fragments of words and images are glimpsed in ripped posters – prompting associations and juxtapositions. The political shares space with the commercial in the democracy of the overlapping posters on streets around the world. I have always been drawn to the possibility for suggestion or confusion of ideas that dances in the gap between one image and another.

Artist biography

I have exhibited in Brighon Photo Fringe 2018, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2010 and 2008 as well as in East London Photomonth and the Royal Scottish Academy.

My photographic practice explores the delicate balance between presence and absence in the detail of the urban environment. There are definite echoes of Painting in my approach to Photography and I am inspired by the layering of Rauschenberg, the geometry of Callum Innes and the bold, flat colours of the Scottish Colourists. In evolving my own visual language I inhabit the space between making a picture and capturing an image.

Careless Reality

Michael Stone

This is one third of the group show titled 3D – with fellow photographers Nick Ford and Rob Macdonald.

This project started with me sitting down to get to know some of the homeless people in Brighton. The conversations I had were genuinely interesting and often ended with laughter. ALL conversations opened my eyes into a world I have never been directly involved with myself. At the end of each conversation I offered these men a drink, some food and asked if they would mind if I took a photo.

It was heartbreaking finding out that I was the first person to have stopped to have a meaningful chat with the majority of these people. This series shows the contrast between those sleeping rough, being ignored, and barely getting by against the busy city.

I hope these photos change people’s perspective and get people to make an active difference in their community when it comes to homelessness, and not shrugging it off. The people I connected with are real people, with real feelings and real needs – and they need to be treated this way.

Artist biography

I am a 21 year old photographer born and bred in Brighton. I’ve studied photography at both GCSE and ALevel and was taught by Rob Macdoanld, also exhibiting in the ‘3D’ joint exhibition, at Varndean college.

I am currently the Studio Assistant at Nick Ford Photography (a studio based in central Brighton). Working with Nick has broadened my photography horizons as my main focus prior to working in a studio setting was landscape and documentary photography.